PAVITEC is a company that manufactures, applied and markets NON-SKID TREATMENT.

We have experience of 15 years in the sector. Companies most prestigious granite and ceramics manufacturers call us to resolve problems arising from the landslide that appears when the soil is wet, and recommend our services to their customers.

We solve the problems of slip that appears when the soil is moist or wet. The quality of our services makes that the companies and professionals in architecture, engineering and decoration, recommend us to their own customers. They have found in us, the solution they wanted and needed.


Usually we play our work in shopping centers, dining rooms, kitchens, ramps, exterior of houses, streets, pools, tubs, showers, shops, nightclubs, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, hotels, airports, railway stations, etc.. All those soils where slip when the soil is wet, both outdoors and indoors.

Pavements which we work are: enamelled stoneware, polished concrete, granite, gres porcelain, marble, terrazzo, vitrified stoneware (earthenware), Slate, etc.Garantizamos a notable improvement in ability to grip, while maintaining the original aspect of the treated surface.

Quality of life: safety in the crushing brings increased productivity, reduces labour casualties and gives feeling of comfort in daily work. with non-slip treatment we get higher living standards.